All Iowa High School Rules apply, except for the following:

Coach Check In:

  • The facility will open @ 3:00pm each day
  • Coach must check in team at admissions gate prior to 1st game (Please bring your entry fee if you haven’t paid)

Length of Game:

  • Two 20 minute halves
  • Running clock except last 2 minutes of EACH half
  • Clock will run if there is a 15 point lead in 2nd half at 2 minute mark
  • Halftime will last 4 minutes
  • Warm-up will last 3-5 minutes


  • One coach may stand unless they receive a technical foul
  • No warm up basketballs provided
  • Home team provides game ball
  • 1st team listed in pool or on top of bracket is Home team and will wear light colored jersey


  • 1st & 2nd Overtime will be 1 minute, stop clock
  • 3rd Overtime period will be sudden death


  • Three full timeouts per game
  • One full timeout per overtime period, no carry over from previous halves


I think we should take pride in teaching the young men about proper sportsmanship. I have no problem removing fans, coaches and players if necessary.