All Iowa Gym Rats Events are GRBA (Gym Rats Basketball Association) Sanctioned

What does this mean for your team:
  1. All teams must be registered with GRBA to play in any of the Iowa Gym Rats events. In years past, the Coach for each team has had to register their team online. This year I have built the fee into the team entry fee and will be taking care of this process for you.

  2. Once your team has played in an Iowa Gym Rats event your team will be eligible to play in other GRBA sanctioned events in the state and around the country.

  3. If you need your GRBA ID#, please contact Todd Miller

  4. GRBA provides the tournament and teams associated with the event liability insurance. Most facilities require this type of insurance coverage to rent their facilities.

  5. Teams have the option of purchasing additional insurance coverage through GRBA for $79 for the year. 

Questions? Please contact Todd Miller